Deaf Consumers

We don’t want to do just a good job,  we want to do an EXCELLENT job for the Deaf, Hard of Hearing, and the DeafBlind.

QUALITY  Deaf consumers can have confidence that BREVOS provides the highest quality services in settings such as: business corporate, conferences, educational, legal, medical,  mental health, vocational, social events, and more.

PREFERENCE   BREVOS keeps records of your language and interpreter preferences so we can always thrive to have an interpreters that are a good match for all of your communication needs.   All of your information you share with us are kept confidential.

RESPECT  BREVOS supports the Code of Ethics. You can be sure that you and your confidential information will be treated with respect.  See Your Legal Rights to an Interpreter.

DEVOTION   Our interpreting service is our ONLY focus.  We do not allow our business become distracted with other language interpreting service (spanish, french, etc).  We focus only on sign language interpreting service.

TEAMWORK  BREVOS supports you with all of your interpreting service needs.  We understand how Deaf people communicate best and we hep you choose an interpreter who matches your communicating style.

ADVOCACY   BREVOS can inform Deaf Consumers the best way to request interpreters from your employer, doctor/hospital, school or college, court or lawyers’ office, public meetings, emergencies, and other situations.


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